So if you just found out that your time on this earth was at an end

…But you had the opportunity to say something — one last thing — to anyone (individual or group), what would it be and to whom?

How do you think it would make you feel? And how do you think it would make the person or people you would say it to feel?

On one hand, this choice is ridiculously simple for me. I’d ask my wife, my kids and my sister to join me and I’d tell them how much I love them and how much I apologize for the times I’ve been less than a wonderful husband, father and brother. I mean, I know they already know that, and would probably expect that, and it would still need to be said, right?


And… what if — just what if — the less obvious and more necessary thing for any of us to say is the thing we need to say to the person or people who would least expect it, but who would also be changed the most by hearing it?

What if we could say “I’m sorry” to anyone and everyone whose feelings we’ve ever hurt?

What if we could say “I love you” to every person who has felt unloved?

What if we could say “I hear you” to everyone has ever felt unheard?

What if we could say “you got this” to everyone who fears their next move?

Here’s the thing: whether what you need to say is to your family, or your best friend, or the coworker you’ve beefed with, or the neighbor you haven’t said hello to, or the person you know is suffering silently and alone, you don’t have to wait until your last words.

You can say it today.

So, go ahead. Say what you need to say.

Founder, Share More Stories and VP Brand Strategy, JMI. Brands, culture, equity, equality, insights, storytelling, strategy.