Photos by Sora Shimazaki and August de Richelieu from Pexels

Hearts and minds. Love and justice.

My frequency may have gone down. But my intensity has not.

I have been processing, listening, meditating and working. And I am coming to a place where I am ready to say what I feel needs to be said.

The topline: let’s stop trying to “explain” structural and systemic racism. Let’s increase our focus on the work of dismantling it.

I believe deeply in empathy as a core human need and value in strong communities made up of humans. It’s part of our unique ability to love and have compassion and then change for the better. If you know me, you know this is me to my core.

I also understand acutely how the systems and structures of racism are embedded in our society. And how intentionally evil they are.

I’ve observed how empathy can be abused by people in charge of systems who have absolutely zero interest in improving things for people who have less privilege and access than they do, and who have experienced far more intentional disadvantage and oppression than they have.

And I’ve observed how people who enjoy their power — consciously and [sub/un]consciously — do what they need to do to preserve those same systems and structures that gave them their power no matter how unjustly, ruthlessly, immorally, illegally, or inequitably they acquired that power.

If you’ve arrived at and enjoyed your power because of recent or long ago injustices, exclusions, intentional sameness, willful ignorance, false pretense, or any other framing you use to justify your position based on racism…… it’s time to change. Let’s talk. (And, if you didn’t realize these were the reasons why you have your power, but you want to change, let’s definitely talk.)

Surprisingly, there is a way forward, if you’re willing.

It depends on awareness, authenticity, accountability and ultimately advocacy — through the lenses of love and justice.

And that’s the work.

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