Today’s run was a lesson in patience (again). And, man, there were so many times for practicing patience on today’s long run. Like when I wanted to go faster but couldn’t. When I could go faster but shouldn’t have. When I was going fast but needed to slow down.


This is about running. And this is not about running.

Last week, my run was 9.3 miles. It was extremely hot and humid, my training schedule earlier in the week hadn’t gone exactly the way I planned it. But I had to do the run, because that was the plan.

It was not a good run. Couldn’t control my pace…

It’s been a minute, since I’ve had a run like this. The last time I ran 10K or more was when I ran the Richmond half marathon in November 2019. I took a few weeks off and then started training again for the 10K in April 2020. The last time…

I turned 49 recently.

I am one year from 50 and I am excited in ways I was not when I turned 39 or 40.

Partly because my goal of living to be 50 and beyond is in reach. Who gets excited about that? This guy. …

365 days later, we are all asking ourselves what the past year has meant. Was George Floyd’s death a wakeup call? Yes, I believe it was.

It woke some people up to what more is needed to fight injustice, to speak for those who cannot, to share power with those…

Photos by Sora Shimazaki and August de Richelieu from Pexels

Hearts and minds. Love and justice.

My frequency may have gone down. But my intensity has not.

I have been processing, listening, meditating and working. And I am coming to a place where I am ready to say what I feel needs to be said.

The topline: let’s stop trying…

Happy Easter, my friends. It’s been a wonderful, haunting, faithful, and reflective eight days, as we celebrate Passover and Easter.

My mother loved both of these holidays. She was such a powerful influence on my spiritual journey growing up. …

Photo credit: Trevor Adams on Pexels

The more I watch these terrifying videos of the insurrection, the attempted coup, the brutality at the Capitol, the angrier I get. …

I am coming to terms with what some of you know.

Grief doesn’t have an end date.

You might have seen/heard versions of this. But seven years later, it hits fresh and new tonight.

We were in the hospital. We had just met with the doctors and nurses. They asked…

“Think of a time when you had a great — truly great! — experience with a company or brand’s product or service. What was the situation? What made it so good and memorable? How did that make you feel?”

This is a storytelling prompt we use at Share More Stories

James Warren

Founder, Share More Stories and VP Brand Strategy, JMI. Brands, culture, equity, equality, insights, storytelling, strategy.

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